Fellowship & Prayer
We seek to maximize our time together and develop a family atmosphere of mutual encouragement and support.  We celebrate holidays, reach out to the community and pray together.

Children's/ Family Ministry

We believe children can live for God and have an impact on His kingdom today. We provide our kids with a balance of Bible education and worship experiences, as well as the opportunity to serve the church and reach out to the community and world. We support and encourage parents to be learning God's Word as a family and take every opportunity to include children in the body of the church. Our teens meet in discipleship groups with a mature adult mentor and attend Keswick's youth night each month.


Women's Ministry
The ladies of Cornerstone meet each month to discuss the Bible readings for the month and fellowship with one another.

Men's Ministry
Our men meet on the second Tuesday of each month for breakfast at Dulce's Bagels to discuss
our daily Bible readings and how they relate to each man personally.    

Weekly Bible Study
This is where we take a closer look at the Sunday sermon as well as bring questions and/or prayer requests.  For this week's location, please check Cornerstone's Faithlife calender or ask us on our Facebook page.